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N. Syutkina,  (Senior Lecturer, Perm State National Research University)

Series "Humanities" # 03/2  2018
Универсальная логическая категория
The article deals with the review of the main approaches to the study of categories of language and cognition. The author considers the category of causativity as a conceptual category, known as a universal logical category since ancient time. Emotive causative verbs are the verbs revealing interpersonal interaction, that results in the change of emotional-psychological state of an object. On the basis of definitional-synonymical analysis the author finds out the semantic field of emotive causative verbs expressing positive, negative and neutral modification of emotional-psychological state of an object of causation.

Keywords: universal logical category, notional category, functional-semantic category, functional-semantic field, causativity, causative verbs, emotive causative verbs.


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