VIP Studio ИНФО Реализация ценностного кода в британском политическом дискурсе (на материале публичных выступлений премьер-министра Т. Мэй)
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A. Samigullina,  (Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Bashkir state University, Ufa, Russia)

A. Fedorova,  (Candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor of the Bashkir state University, Ufa, Russia)

Ju. Ebzeeva,  (Candidate of Philology, associate Professor, People's friendship University, Moscow)

Series "Humanities" # 03/2  2018
Ценность; антиценность; ценностная доминанта; оценка; политический дискурс
This article discusses the problem of reflection of the value code in the British political discourse. The purpose of the article is to decode the value dominants of British society through discursive analysis applied to the texts of political communication. The relevance of such a statement of the problem is determined, on the one hand, by the need to identify effective methods of influence of politicians on the addressee (political opponents and recipients-observers), on the other hand, the importance of developing the format of public speaking in terms of representing value dominants in a linguocultural community. The material of the study was the public speeches of British Prime Minister T. may (for the period 2016 – 2017). The value component is analyzed according to the A. P. model. Chudinova and supplemented by attracting discursive markers of emotional evaluation. The study reveals the interpretation of global values through the prism of national-cultural and situational contexts. It is established that the interpretation of the value code in the discursive practices Of T. Mei does not require much effort on the part of the recipient, since understanding is provided by direct reference to values and is traditionally supported by evaluation markers. Political discourse, reflecting the views of a politician, consolidates the value dominants of the whole society, relevant in this era, and in one way or another modifies the existing system of values of a certain linguocultural community.

Keywords: value; anti-value; value dominant; evaluation; political discourse.


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©  A. Samigullina, A. Fedorova, Ju. Ebzeeva, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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