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L. Pak,  (Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service)

Series "Humanities" # 03/2  2018
The article substantiates the relevance of the comparative analysis of linguocultural features of use of metaphors in the discourse of sports commentary of the United States and Russia. The article aims at comparing of linguocultural features of the use of metaphor in the discourse of the sports commentary of the USA and Russia. The article describes the main linguocultural peculiarities of metaphors in the sports discourse of the USA and Russia. The study defined and described the main source-areas and target-areas of the sports metaphor and their correlation within the discourse of sports comment of both linguocultures. The author concluded that the set of metaphors within the discourse of sports comment is very wide and varied. This figurative expression makes the sports commentary more vivid and rich and activates the attention of the target audience.

Keywords: metaphor, discourse-sports commentary, discourse analysis, source-area, target-area.


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