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Isahan Isakhanli,  (PhD, Associate Professor, Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan; Institute of Literature Nizami Ganjavi, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan)

Series "Humanities" # 03/2  2018
Сергей Есенин
This article is devoted to the interconnection of the great Russian poet Sergei Esenin with the Azerbaijani literary community. The article explores various aspects of Esenin's poetic creativity as an important link in the study of Russian-Azerbaijani literary interrelations in the context of historical events. The history and facts of the biography of Sergei Esenin, closely related to Azerbaijani literature, are analyzed: both the ups and downs of the poet's work are evaluated. The main directions of studies of the diverse facets of Russian-Azerbaijani literary connections facing Azerbaijan's literary criticism are outlined, with Esenin-Azerbaijan as an inseparable link. The author raises the problem of insufficient study of Esenin's poetic heritage as a whole, in order to demonstrate the influence of this topic on the development of literary ties between the two peoples.

Keywords: Esenin, Esenin and Azerbaijan, Esenin in Baku, Esenin's researchers, Esenin's "Baku period", Azerbaijani-Russian literary and cultural ties.


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