VIP Studio ИНФО Музыкальная культура городов Среднего Поволжья в 1941-1945 гг
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E. Shmatov, O. Akmaeva,  (Samara state University of railway engineering)

Series "Humanities" # 03/2  2018
Великая Отечественная война
The paper Considers the impact of extreme military conditions in the middle of cities 1941-1945 Characterized by the processes of evacuation and re-evacuation in the city's cultural sphere. Identifies the main trends shaping the repertoire of the war years. The effects of cultural works, performances of actors on the local population.

Keywords: Great Patriotic war, city, evacuation, Philharmonic, theatre, repertoire, responses.


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©  E. Shmatov, O. Akmaeva, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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