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Yu. Kuntsevich,  (Judge, The Leningrad district military court)

Series "Humanities" # 03/2  2018
Военный трибунал Ленинградского фронта; Материалы работы военных трибуналов Ленинградского фронта; уголовное дело; приговор; Великая Отечественная война; измена Родине; контрреволюционные преступления
Historical aspects of the defense of Leningrad from fascist invaders during the great Patriotic war within the framework of the activities of the Military Tribunal of the Leningrad front, historians have not been studied to date. In many ways, the relevance of the article will be in its historical novelty, which will reveal the work of the military Tribunal of the Leningrad front to prevent the transition of fighters of the red Army to the enemy.

Keywords: criminal case; great Patriotic war; criminal case; war crimes; counter-revolutionary crimes; military Tribunal of the Leningrad front; materials of work of military tribunals of the Leningrad front; great Patriotic war; treason.


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