VIP Studio ИНФО Проблемы правового регулирования применения мер взыскания к осужденным и лицам, содержащимся под стражей, при конвоировании
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A. Ignatiev,  (Research SIC-1, Moscow, Research Institute of the FPS of Russia)

Series "Economics and Law" # 01  2018
The article discusses the question of who disciplinary actions against convicted persons and persons in custody have committed a violation of the content in the convoy.
The article analyzes normative legal acts, regulating the procedure of application of measures of punishment to convicts and persons in custody as well as the possibility of realization of these legal regulations by officers of the special sub-divisions of the penal system on the convoy in case of violations of the detention regime. The study identified problems in the legislation of the Russian Federation requiring improvement with a view to possible granting of rights of use of disciplinary measures against prisoners and persons in custody have committed a violation of the detention regime under escort, the heads of special divisions criminally-Executive system on a convoy.
According to the author, it will serve as a fundamental tool in ensuring re-press the content under escort, and will have due impact on the convoys-roemah individuals, stimulating them to lawful behavior.

Keywords: Escort, prisoners, persons in detention, the detention regime, penalty, penal system.


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