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А. Rogov,  (National Institute of Business, Moscow)

Series "Economics and Law" # 06  2018
Конституция Брунея
    The foundations of the organization and activities of public authorities are the object of constitutional law as a branch of law. The subject of this study is the Parliament of Brunei, its history, structure, procedure for the bills, the peculiarities of the members of Parliament. The procedure of passing in the Parliament of bills on the amendment or addition of the Constitution is also considered. The article uses historical, legal and analytical methods of scientific research of the Constitution, laws, and documents of Brunei.

Keywords: Constitution of Brunei Darussalam, LegCo of Brunei, Composition of LegCo, Procedure in the LegCo, Sessions of LegCo, Assent to Bills, Privileges of Members of LegCo, Amendment of Constitution, Interpretation Tribunal, Speaker of LegCo.


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