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A. Plakhina,  (Postgraduate, Kemerovo State University; General Director of the Limited Liability Company «Legal Defense Center»)

Series "Economics and Law" # 06  2018
Земельные ресурсы
    The purpose of scientific work to analyze, to give a legal assessment to the system of the current legislation in the field of establishment of cadastral value of real estate in the amount of market. To establish an opportunity and to reveal levers of influence and prevention of mass revaluation of real estate objects. To achieve the goal, the article evaluates the concept of earth as an important element in the activities of mankind. The mechanisms of land management and identified the main factors affecting the management process. The powers of local self-government bodies in the field of land administration have been established. Types and forms of payments for land use are disclosed. The procedure for calculating the tax and rent. Unreasonable enrichment as a source of replenishment of the budget of municipality. Changes of the current legislation in the sphere of land relations are analyzed and powers of local governments in the sphere of land resources management are established. Problems of procedure of challenging of results of determination of cadastral cost of the parcels of land are revealed. The system and types of procedures of establishment of cadastral value of real estate objects in the size of market is reflected. The statistical data on the consideration of applications for the establishment of cadastral value of real estate in the market. The conclusions about the possibilities of local governments in terms of influence on the procedure and the reports on the evaluation of real estate. This proposal to local governments for participation in the procedures of challenging the established cadastral value.

Keywords: resources, local government, effective management, cadastral value, market value, the Commission for consideration of disputes on the results of the determination of cadastral value, levers of influence of local governments on the reduction of cadastral value.


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