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V. Novikov,  (Associate Professor, independent researcher)

S. Golubchikov,  (Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, independent researcher)

M. Serbin,  (Barrister, Moscow Bar Council «Mezhregion)

A. Baranova,  (Graduate student of Moscow State Institute of International Relations)

Series "Economics and Law" # 04  2018
Коммерческая тайна; допуск к коммерческой тайне; информация конфиденциального характера; доступ к сведениям
Organizations and institutions that have and own professional, commercial and other kinds of secrecy are responsible for its security. Admission and access to confidential information is an important condition for protection of such information.
Using the example of commercial secrecy the article covers the issues of admission and access of various categories of citizens to confidential information, as well as the conditions for the admission of officials, employees and citizens to commercial secrecy, certain obligations and restrictions of employees, the security clearance process. The article pays special attention to determining the causes of refusal and termination of admission and access of officials, employees and citizens to professional secrecy, commercial secrecy or other kinds of secrecy as well as the peculiarities of registration of admission to commercial secrecy when working part-time.

Keywords: commercial secrecy; access to commercial secrecy; confidential information; access to commercial secrecy.


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©  V. Novikov, S. Golubchikov, M. Serbin, A. Baranova, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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