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A. Ignatiev,  (Research, SIC-1 Moscow, Research Institute of the FPS of Russia)

Series "Economics and Law" # 04  2018
Нормирование труда
The article is devoted to regulation of labor of employees of special divisions criminally-Executive system on a convoy of directly serving in the composition of the guard for the escort of prisoners and persons in detention. In the article the technique of determination of the scope of services of the guard escort and proposes measures for its improvement. For a more valid definition of labor standards, employees of these departments, are the key aspects enshrined in the legal acts of the Russian Federation regulating service activities and emerging employment relationships for the calculation of the number of units staff of one daily post. Examines current issues in the field and possible solutions.

Keywords: regulation of labor, a special unit of criminal-Executive system on a convoy, escorting prisoners and persons in detention.


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