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S. Gavrilenko,  (Senior teacher of the Don State Technical University)

M. Alexeeva,  (Candidate of Law, Don State Technical University)

V. Lebedev,  (Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Polytechnic Institute (branch) of the Don State Technical University, in Taganrog)

Series "Economics and Law" # 04  2018
    Market economy is characterized by the competition of enterprises, which determines the renewal of production. Improving the economic activity of industrial enterprises requires the development of new methods, forms and mechanisms for organizing the creation and development of new competitive products designed to ensure the preferential position of enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets. Modern approaches to the creation and development of new competitive products are science-intensive, I require a huge amount of costs. But on the other hand, it is the development of a new product that allows enterprises to survive in the current conditions of tough competition. Planning for new products refers to the strategic planning section of the enterprise. Therefore, its financial performance depends on the ability of the enterprise to develop and introduce its new product to the market. The necessary stage in the preparation of production is the assimilation of new products, which are a set of various processes and works, in the process of which verification and testing of structures and technology up to established technical requirements, development of new forms of production organization. During the development of new products, planned production volumes, planned economic indicators and technical and economic parameters of the output are achieved. The period of development of new products begins with the manufacture of a prototype and is completed by serial production of products.

Keywords: innovation, innovation economics, economic indicators, new products, production development.


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