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O. Filippova,  (Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Ural Institute of additional professional education "All-Russian State University of Justice, RPA of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation", Member of the Russian Criminological Association Ekaterinburg, Notary Public of Ekaterinburg)

Series "Economics and Law" # 10  2017
The special importance of the analyzed issues in this article due to the fact that specially-criminological prevention of crime affects the social environment, which is represented by professional criminals and their organizations. This prevention is carried out mainly by law enforcement agencies and measures involving coercion.
Opposition to professional crime using aspects specially-criminological character is an integral part and one of the most important types of prevention of Commission of crimes for the improvement of the criminological situation and status of crime in General.
Therefore, this paper focuses on the issues of combating professional crime through the application of specially-criminological aspects.

Keywords: Prevention, strategy, compromise, power influence, total criminal contamination, band formation, disassembly, sphere of influence, tour operator, patriotism, authority, thief-in-law, criminal-criminal leader, authoritarianism.


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O. Filippova, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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