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O. Zhechko,  (Graduate student, Russian State Social University, RSSU)

Series "Economics and Law" # 10  2017
Незавершенное строительство
Due to the rapid development of the real estate market, which was observed until recently, and in connection with the current acute crisis of this market, the issues that arise regarding the objects of unfinished construction are extremely urgent. The authors note that the mechanisms for acquiring the right to unfinished objects are formed on the basis of the structure of the current legislation, but regulation should be indirect and controversial not only the mechanisms for acquiring such property rights, but also the possibilities for further investment parameters and the transfer of objects of uncompleted construction.
The purpose of this work is to analysis the civil problems in the acquisition and registration of ownership of new immovable property, as an object of unfinished construction, and its application, as well as the rationale for the proposals Aimed at improving the legal regulation of such facilities.

Keywords: unfinished construction, property right, objects of shared construction, investment parameters, conclusion of transactions.


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O. Zhechko, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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