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Ch. Shuman,  (St. Petersburg State University)

Series "Humanities" # 11  2017
Иностранный язык
The modern world is developing rapidly, the technological development is accelerating every year. Globalization and mutual integration blurs the boundaries not only on economic but also on the cultural level. As elsewhere in the world, Russia is clearly visible. In particular, in the conditions of modern political realities, enhanced economic, cultural and other forms of cooperation between China and Russia. Of particular importance is the opportunity for full communication, which is impossible without knowing the language, norms and traditions, which are followed by the representative of the other party. In this regard, currently, many became increasingly interested in the problems of intercultural communication.

Keywords: foreign language, translation, intercultural communication, communication, international communication.


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Ch. Shuman, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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