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N. Frolova, O. Panteleyeva,  (Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Academy of the Federal Guard Service of Russia)

Series "Humanities" # 11  2017
Иноязычная компетенция; будущий специалист; оценка успешности; уровень сформированности; критерий; показател
The object of testing and evaluating a future specialist’s foreign language competence can be the linguistic awareness of students, the formation of their speech activity types and the use of language in their extracurricular activities. The main objective of determining the level of students’ skills is studying positive criteria, which would help to determine the level of forming students’ foreign language competence. The best way to assess their readiness to use a foreign language in their professional activity after graduation is "students’ portfolio", the content of which reflects not only the future specialist’s foreign language competence, but also his/her readiness for productive activity and ability to continuing education.
The article considers the assessment criteria and successfulness indicators of forming future specialists’ foreign language competence at a higher educational institution; besides, it analyzes the levels of foreign language competence formation.

Keywords: foreign language competence; future specialist; successfulness assessment; formation level; criterion; indicator.


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N. Frolova, O. Panteleyeva, Journal "Modern science: actual problems of theory and practice".



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